General FAQs

What version of Drupal that DrupalThemez Themes support?

As of now, most of our themes support Drupal 7 version.

Are DrupalThemez Themes responsive on various layouts of mobiles and tablets?

All of our themes are built with modern best practice to achieve responsiveness on mobiles & tablets to the maximum extent.

What browsers are supported by DrupalThemez Themes?

It depends on the themes. But mostly, our themes support all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE 9+, Opera, Safari.

You can find compatible browsers on theme details page.

How much does DrupalThemez Themes cost?

At present, our Drupal theme prices range from $0 - $59.

How can I buy DrupalThemez themes?

Currently we don't have our own store to sell themes. But you can buy our themes at marketplaces listed below:

Visit the theme details page & click on any one of the marketplace link available on the page of our website. That will take you to the marketplace website, there you can buy our theme.

What is DTZ?

DTZ is shortname of DrupalThemez.