Visual Editor


Visual editor is a Drupal 8.x compatible module  which allows you to create complex page or block layouts with little knowledge of HTML or CSS. It converts your formatted text field into Visual editor. It comes with default components listed below:

  • Row
  • Wrapped row(has container wrapper)
  • Column
  • Accordions
  • Block content
  • Gmap
  • Heading
  • Icon (FontAwesome only)
  • Icon content
  • Image
  • Link
  • Node
  • Pricing table
  • Rich text
  • Tabs
  • Views
  • Vimeo embed video
  • Youtube embed video


  • Upload libraries directory to drupal root directory

  • Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module


  • Enter GMAP Javascript API key in Administration » Configuration » Text formats and editors » Visual editor. Click Configure button and enter API key in Gmap API key field.

Note: Column settings in new version 8.x-2.3 has changed. So upgrading existing visual editor may react weird for existing pages.